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How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Fast

how to get rid of cold sore fastCold sores are also called fever blisters and known as Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (hsv1). They are small and painful blisters that appear on the lips, mouth or nose. That is why we need to know ways in which we can get rid of sores fast because they are very annoying and painful at the same time. Cold sores are a type of herpes simplex viruses that are contagious and common.

A child infected with herpes will be a carrier for life. Cold sores are commonly seen among adolescents and young adults. Recurrent sores appear on 25% of adults and the incident is slightly higher among women than in men. Since cold sores are caused by Type 1 herpes, they can be passed from one person to another by kissing or having a close contact with a person who has the virus. In this article, you will find out how to get rid of cold sore fast by following the lists below.

List of Cold Sore Remedies

• Have a strong immune system
One of the best defenses on how one can get rid of them so fast is having a strong immune system. In order to boost our body’s defenses, we need to consume vitamins and supplements. They can be found in the foods we eat like fruits and vegetables. Our body needs them to function properly.

• Use Ice and drink 6-8 glasses of water daily
This is one of the safest ways. Hold an ice cube and apply directly to the affected area for about 5 to 10 how to get rid of cold sore fastminutes to help ease discomfort. It helps to numb the sore and in the process alleviate it faster. Water is also important as it cleanses our mouth and not just our body. Water can wash away dirt in our mouth.

• Cover the cold sore against further infections
A petroleum jelly is used to cover the affected area to avoid aggravating the sore. Petroleum jelly speeds the healing process and helps ease cracking and dryness. It is also important to keep the affected area dry because it could be the source of secondary bacterial infection.

• Watching your diet could be effective in assisting you get rid of these sores quickly.
Foods that could trigger with it are those contain arginine. Avoid foods like nuts, almonds, and cashew nuts. Chocolates, beer, coffee and black tea have this and can trigger cold sores. Arginine is an amino acid that can cause herpes virus replication.

Cold Sore Home Treatment and Prevention

While these remedies could help in treating cold sores, bear in mind that they are not magical potions that could instantly remove cold sores. They could only speed the healing and provide relief. It is easier now to find remedies that can help one get rid of cold sore fast but the best cure is prevention. Avoid having contact or kissing people affected with herpes.

Do not share personal materials like towels or utensils. Your best bet for prevention is washing your hands before and after contact with sores because you could spread the virus to other parts of your body since HSV1 is highly contagious.

This list of natural remedies should help answer your question about how to get rid of cold sore fast and get you started on beating these awful, painful and unsightly sores.

Keratosis Pilaris Apple Cider Vinegar Offers Relief

Keratosis Pilaris apple cider vinegarWhen it comes to banishing painful red bumps on the arms and legs, natural medicine experts think Keratosis Pilaris apple cider vinegar cures are legitimate because many people have commented online about their keratosis symptoms disappearing in a week or two. The troublesome little bumps known as “Keratosis Pilaris” (KP) occurs when hair follicles become clogged and inflamed. In turn, this vinegar has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fights this painful red and bumpy skin condition.

Benefits of cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is credited with containing active natural ingredients that are easily absorbed into the skin; while consuming apple cider vinegar also does wonders inside the body to fight KP. The vinegar has long been used by naturalists to help ease and even heal painful KP symptoms. For instance, a keratosis sufferer commented online about rubbing the vinegar on painful red bumps on his arms and legs and getting great results. People who use the vinegar often find relief within just a few weeks of regular use, add dermatologists.

 keratosis pilaris apple cider vinegarAnother aspect of KP is linked to the many people who feel embarrassed by the way their skin looks during an outbreak. However, there is help for Keratosis Pilaris sufferer’s when they use apple cider vinegar as both an inside and outside body tonic, say naturalists commenting online. For example, KP usually happens when hair follicles are not shedding naturally for various reasons. The best advice is to use an exfoliating glove with some apple cider vinegar to scrub and exfoliate KP areas on the legs and arms.

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KP outbreaks controlled naturally

While regular vinegar scrubs offers an easy and natural way to ease red and bumpy Keratosis Pilaris skin outbreaks, dermatologists also advise patients to use a moisturize after a bath or shower.

The other KP healing tips include:

– Consuming a diet with lots of fresh veggies and fruit; while drinking natural cider vinegar to help fight painful KP symptoms.

– Eliminating trans fats and all hydrogenated oils from your diet; while also consulting a doctor about the role various food allergies play in skin outbreaks.

– Using omega-3 and natural fish oil supplements to improve the body’s immune system when it comes to fighting KP outbreaks.

– Being mindful not to use body and home cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients and fragrances.

– Washing and bathing properly and regularly; while not using hot water that tends to dry the skin out.

– Trying various inside and outside body tonics containing apple cider vinegar and ingredients.

– Considering the use of Keratosis Pilaris apple cider vinegar treatment featuring all natural health products.

In general, there are many great products featured online to treat KP; while apple cider vinegar supplements and drinking natural cider has many proven benefits, say dermatologists and other doctors.

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Banish skin bumps with apple vinegar

The goal of healing or preventing a Keratosis Pilaris outbreak on the arms or legs is difficult and stressful when many people have suffered from KP for years and years without finding a proven solution that works for them. In fact, the people who suffer from KP often comment online about taking apple vinegar internally while also using the vinegar on the affected skin as well. The results are both very positive and numerous. Many people have commented who often try various treatments and find they like Keratosis Pilaris coconut oil and apple cider vinegar treatments among their favorites.

keratosis pilaris coconut oil and apple cider vinegarWhile it is known in certain medical circles that certain vinegar supplements and liquid offer KP sufferers a natural remedy, there are many people who get Keratosis Pilaris outbreaks during the summer months and simply do not know what to do. For instance, a KP patient commented online about having “stubborn little bumps” all over her body, and is ashamed to go out in public wearing a bathing suit. However, the KP patient said she was shocked that a natural remedy in the guise of simple apple cider vinegar did the trick by “helping to heal my KP outbreak fast.”

There are many proven benefits of this apple cider vinegar Keratosis Pilaris treatment because it contains properties that have “many positive health effects” when taken as directed,” states a report by the American Dietetic Association. The association views the vinegar as safe when taken in supplement or liquid form as directed.

Overall, it is known that Keratosis Pilaris apple cider vinegar cures are trending online today because more and more people suffering from bumpy, red skin, have found relief with this natural product that is easily absorbed into the skin.

Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris


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