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3 Organic Beauty Recipes You Can Do at Home

If you enjoy using organic beauty supplies, did you know that there are organic beauty recipes you can do at home? And the great news is that these recipes are made from simple, natural products that you can easily buy.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your products are completely free of toxins and you’ll save money, too. Once you’ve had some practice making the products yourself, you might even be able to put them in decorative containers and share them with your friends as gifts.

beauty  photo  Organic Hair Shine

You probably already have one ingredient needed for hair health right in your refrigerator and it’s as natural as you can get. That ingredient is an egg. For a lovely, natural shine to your hair (that’s free from harmful chemicals), use one egg (for short hair) two for longer hair.

Crack the egg open into a bowl, mix it well and put it in your hair the same way you would store bought conditioner. Let the egg sit in your hair for anywhere from two to five minutes and then rinse the egg out.

There are even organic beauty recipes you can do at home that can cover up the gray in your hair. It’s no secret that many people want to cover up gray hair. Having gray hair signifies to some people that the downside of aging has begun.

 Organic Hair Color

Never mind that some of Hollywood’s most attractive men and women sport gray hair. If you don’t like having gray hair, it doesn’t matter what others do with theirs. Before you fall into the false belief that to cover gray hair you must buy a potentially poisonous hair dye, you should realize that you can also dye your hair naturally.

One of the most popular phrases you’ll hear is ‘dye with henna’ and some companies will promote this as all natural. But what you might not know is some of the companies add chemicals to henna dye, making their product not organic and not safe.

You can dye your hair naturally using spices like rosemary or sage. You can also color your hair using tea or coffee if you happen to have dark hair. It’s not as fast as using a store bought box of hair dye, but it is safer for your body.

You brew the tea or coffee (make it twice as strong as you normally would) and let it come to room temperature. When that’s done, you just rinse your hair with the coffee or tea. You’ll need to repeat this step anywhere from three to five times before you’ll notice a difference.

Organic Soap

If you’re into soap making and are looking for organic beauty recipes you can do at home that involve creating your own soap, one of the best soaps you can make has olive oil as a main ingredient.

The great thing about making your own soap is that you can give it your own fragrance depending on what ingredients you add, to make it uniquely yours. Creating your own organic products from recipes you use at home is one of the best ways you can pamper your body.


Simple Ways To Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease among many people regardless of their age and gender. There are two main types of diabetes that are classified with the cause and onset. The Type 1 diabetes is where the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin that our body needs in order to convert sugar into energy. This type can only be treated by medication such as insulin injection. However, the type 2 diabetes is caused by certain factors that affects the level of glucose in our body such as diet and lifestyle.

Diabetes Testing Strips Type 2 diabetes is a crisis where we have higher levels of sugar in our bloodstream that is caused by ingesting food that has a high glucose content. Because this type is mainly caused by environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle, it can easily be avoided by diet modification and exercise.

Being cautious of what we eat and drink is a big factor in controlling and preventing diabetes. It is important to have a good understanding of what kind of food might cause high levels of sugar in our bloodstream. As much as possible, avoid eating unhealthy foods and start a healthy diet as soon as possible.

A diet that has very little sugar or no sugar at all is best, especially for people who have a history of diabetes in the family. Some examples of foods that contain very high amounts of sugar are candies, chocolates, ice cream, soda or any carbonated drinks, cakes, white bread and rice. You could use artificial sweeteners instead of plain sugar for your drinks and desserts. It is also good practice to include vegetables and natural, unprocessed foods to improve your health and control your sugar levels.

Starting a regular exercise program is also another way of preventing diabetes. Walking and jogging regularly will improve your circulation and will also help you get back in shape. Regular visits to your doctor will also help you to keep an eye on your blood sugar and help you to avoid falling prey to diabetes.


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