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What are Some Home Remedies for KP

Keratosis Pilaris, or KP, is a skin condition caused by the overproduction of keratin, or skin proteins. It causes small, hard bumps what are some home remedies for KPthat are raised and may be slightly reddened or the color of the rest of the skin. It is sometimes referred to as chicken skin. There are no absolute cures for the disorder. A dermatologist may be able to recommend some over the counter or prescription products that provide moisture and essential nutrients. On the other hand if your wondering what are some home remedies for KP, keep reading.

However, many people who suffer from keratosis pilaris want to avoid the chemicals or additives in products on the store shelves. They may want to know what is the best home remedy for keratosis pilaris? For them, home solutions may be more effective and in some instances, more budget friendly than products offered by retailers.

Some additional ingredients to think about trying are urea, Vitamin A, and glycolic acid. These ingredients are found in many natural and over the counter products. They are also found in essential oils. The key is to find the natural products and try those that seem most likely to meet your needs. Some people have had success with grape seed oil and olive oil. These solutions provide plenty of nutrients to the skin. Grape seed oil is slightly less greasy than olive oil. But, both are suitable for those on a budget. The pure forms can be purchased inexpensively from most grocery store shelves. They are affordable enough to be used daily, or event twice daily, if desired.

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Clothing Irritating KP

There is no single solution for KP. Everyone who has the skin condition will handle the problem differently. Some are less embarrassed or concerned about the look and feel of the small bumps. For them, no treatment may be necessary. For others, smooth and soft skin is more important. Using a home remedy may help prevent the irritation that sometimes comes from clothing rubbing against the affected areas. Itching may occur, when the skin gets dry. People with keratosis pilaris may be more sensitive to rubbing and chafing. Smooth skin that is moisturized on a regular basis may be less sensitive to the slight rubbing and chafing that can occur from seams and tags on clothing, or from textured fabrics.


KP Home Remedies People Like Best

What are some home remedies for KP? The list below is by no means complete. It does provide many solutions that have been tried by people dealing with keratosis pilaris and have shown some effectiveness in alleviating the symptoms.

– Virgin coconut oilkeratosis pilaris coconut oil
This remedy is believed to be effective, because it is readily absorbed by the skin, for a deep moisturizing effect. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well. It can be applied topically after a bath or shower. It can also be added to the bath water. Coconut oil by itself provide nutrients to the skin, in the form of lauric acid.

Exfoliating is sometimes helpful, in reducing the bumpy skin of KP. A good exfoliant made of natural household ingredients is sugar and coconut oil. Coconut oil does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin like other oils, because it is easily absorbed. It is fairly inexpensive in stores and pharmacies, even it the pure form.

Keratosis Pilaris omega 6Another natural way to treat KP is to use fish oil combined with borage oil. Between the two, the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids provide essential nutrients for the skin. This remedy is taken internally. The key in finding a good product with this combination, is to look for purity and products without additional ingredients. A month’s supply of a good quality product can be purchased for under $30, which makes it cost effective and easy to use as a skin care regimen, even for those on a limited budget.

Apple cider vinegar is believed to be an excellent skin conditioner. It can be applied topically right after a shower or bath. It can also be added to bath water. Cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and is loaded with essential vitamins. If cider vinegar is used directly on the skin, it can be followed with a good topical moisturizer, as part of a daily skin care regimen.

As you can see there are several solutions when it comes to home treatment for keratosis pilaris that we have found and some great resources to help you get rid of this embarrassing skin problem.

So if you’re wondering what are some home remedies for KP, keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. You may want to select a few of the most desirable solutions and try them for yourself, to find the best remedy.

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Simple Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Natural Remedies

keratosis pilaris treatment natural remediesKeratosis Pilaris treatment natural remedies are easy to find right in your home but they also include a complete lifestyle change. Keratosis Pilaris is a condition that hardens the skin making it have little red bumps. It is a known genetically transmitted condition which affects forty per cent of the human population. Many times this condition is something people live with, not needing much attention from their doctor. At times when it gets bad and the person is symptomatic they may need to seek medical attention. Your lifestyle on the other hand can make it better or worse depending.

Take a lot of fluids if you have this condition. This is a KP natural remedy which can be practiced by any one in any part of the world as long as it’s good filtered water.  This condition has also been referred to as chicken skin and is a very uncomfortable and embarrassing experience for some people and drinking plenty of good water every day will help combat this . Water has a way of keeping the skin hydrated and especially if you are out in the sun. You do not want super dry skin at the end of the day, so just do your skin and take e a favor and drink enough water and fluids.

Best Soap for Keratosis Pilaris

Use non-soap cleanser, as the alkaline in the soap tend to dry out the skin. When washing, incorporate some form of exfoliation into your routine, either by rubbing the affected areas with a rough wash cloth, or using a pumice stone to exfoliate the skin. If you do use this method, always be very careful not to rub too hard and remove too much skin.

There is a common saying that says your skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside of your body. It is true that Keratosis Pilaris is a genetic condition but it also comes out as this inside reflection of your body. Eat a balanced diet every day, exercise and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Do not just settle on the fact that you have this condition and that it’s okay for your skin to look this way because you think you have no solution. Good news, there are several natural remedies for you to try.

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Go Take a Cold Shower

How to treat keratosis pilaris with your shower is a treatment not many people think about but is really important since it is a daily activity for most of us. You do not want to expose your skin to extreme weather conditions where you get a sun burn or very cold wind where you can get wind chapping. Hot showers or baths are also not very good for the KP condition. What happens is that a hot shower will take away all the moisture in the skin and leave it very dry. You do not want to have dry skin so it’s best to take warm or cool baths.

how to treat keratosis pilarisOnce the skin is clean you should apply moisturizing creams, especially those which contain exfoliating ingredients such as lactic acid, urea or salicylic acid. These will not only moisturize the skin, but also help to loosen the keratin plugs.  Some sufferers swear by the use of organic oils, such as coconut oil, as a chicken skin treatment. Coconut oil, in particular,  not only has moisturizing properties but also contains anti-bacterial ingredients to fight any bacteria which may be present on the skin.

On the other hand a Keratosis Pilaris treatment natural remedies is a little sunlight. The best sunlight that helps the skin is either in the morning or later in the evening. It will not be a bad idea to sit in the sun and have the skin get the vitamins that it needs. Remember the best time to have your skin under the sun is either morning or evening to ensure the moisture is retained which is a big relieve to KP.

Moisturizing the skin with lotions and/or creams is a good way to keep the skin soft and help fight KP. After showering, apply your Keratosis Pilaris lotion or cream and allow the skin to absorb it in and soften.

Dermatologists may also prescribe creams which contain retinol, a substance derived from vitamin A, which is known to be extremely effective in removing the top layers of skin, and thus loosening the keratin plugs. However, if you wish to stick to a pure home remedy for Keratosis Pilaris, then you need to establish a regular routine of exfoliation and moisturization.
Hygiene should be top on the list in taking care of this condition. Make sure your hands are washed every time you apply lotion or cream. There are several Keratosis Pilaris treatment natural remedies, but you have to find what works best for you, these are not a one size fits all remedies  as our bodies are all different.

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