How To Increase Your Breast Size Naturally?


How To Increase My Breast Size Naturally

For some women who struggle with low self esteem due to their breast size, there are not a whole lot of options. Padded bras may help to some extent, but in order to truly overcome it, you actually have to increase the size of the breasts. The most common way women enhance their breasts is through breast augmentation surgery, however it quite invasive and a really expensive option.

There are alternatives to surgery that are much less invasive and don’t cost nearly as much as breast augmentation surgery. In this article we will be discussing three specific methods that all have been proven to be successful and can easily be done at home. The three natural methods we will be discussing are:

  • Improve hormone levels through diet
  • Increase breast size with targeted exercise routines
  • Massage therapy to enhance breast size

Improve hormone levels through diet

Most women are aware that their hormone levels control their reproductive functions and when out of balance there are a number of things that can become out of whack. One of those reproductive hormones is called estrogen and it is responsible for the size of a woman’s breasts among other things.

Eating the right foods as part of a healthier diet can help improve your body’s reproductive hormone balance. By controlling the natural release of testosterone in the body will naturally increase the size of a woman’s breasts. One way to do this is to eat foods that are high in Phytoestrogens, also known as plant estrogen. These foods include:

  • Nuts and Oil Seeds
  • Soy Products
  • Whole Grain cereals and Bread
  • Legumes
  • Meats
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beverages

Increase breast size with targeted exercise routines

Along with changes to your diet, there are several exercises that can be accomplished that will directly enhance the size, shape and firmness of the breasts. The exercises are not difficult to do and can easily be done in comfort of your own home, without having to go to a gym.

Each of the exercises we will mention in this article were chosen because they target the pectoralis major muscle exercises to increase breast sizegroup in the chest. This includes the area just behind the breasts, by strengthening these muscles it will help to make the breasts larger and firmer. The exercises include:

  • Push ups – Standard and Modified
  • Chest press – Using weights
  • Rear Lateral Raises – Using weights

Massage therapy to enhance breast size

The last method of naturally enhancing breast size at home is by using massage of the breasts. Along with increasing breast size, regular use of massage therapy can also help reduce breast cancer risk. Massage can help remove excess toxins from the body’s lymph system. Massage can also help prevent sagging by firming the breast tissue. It also improves circulation in the breasts, keeping the tissue healthy.

Hopefully you found all of the information inside this article helpful and were able to find some of it useful for yourself.